Sunday Road ‘Vacation Rental’ Cold IPA


What’s a Cold IPA you ask? Think of it as a beer with a very light malt base that is a canvas for hops. Cold IPA hits with a strong punch of aromatic hop intensity and decent bitterness but finishes crisp and clean that will have you craving another sip. A Lager yeast is used that is low in ester and Sulfur that’s fermented warmer than traditionally would be, yet cooler than an Ale yeast is. We’ve doubled down on the Cold and used only Cryo hops in the “HopBurst” style. Double dry hopped using Cryo Ekuanot, Sabro and Amarillo.  Embrace the cold, we’re sure you’ll love the reward.

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: 100% clear golden complexion with nice Co2 activity. It holds a sturdy two and a half finger head which weaves a healthy lace as it ebbs.

Aroma: Super clean and crisp with a tonne of fruit and oily pine resin from the Cryo Ekuanot. We’re really digging this new practice of using Cryo hops as it brings a certain sharp, intense and clean herbal note. With this particular hop it’s offering a kinda leafy/eucalyptus-like quality. Milder hints of green capsicum, lime, orange peel, cedar and tree sap to bring it home.

Flavour: Wow that is just so damn smashable…and at 6.8% ABV it really shouldn’t be! Similar to the aroma where it’s throwing out a tonne of oily hop and pine resin, weedy herbals, zesty lime and unripened tropical fruits. There’s a really light and grainy malt bill which further amplifies the clean and slightly herbaceous finish.

Mouthfeel: Ultra crisp and clean, mild-moderate body. Co2 is perfectly positioned and the 6.8% ABV is well concealed.

Overall: Top drop. Will the style take off? Who knows. India Pale Lager’s – which in our opinion are the closest style to a cold IPA – have never really taken off but that could simply come down to the dirty “L” word. Considering this has the “IPA” acronym in it could be the defining difference. We’ll see.