The Bruery ‘Thin Mint GSC’ BA Imperial Stout


“Thin Mint GSC was derived from a pilot beer from our innovation team, appropriately named “Grasshopper Stout.” We loved the concept, so we decided to elevate it by aging the base in bourbon barrels and slightly tweaking the adjuncts. This cookie-inspired stout was treated with peppermint, a rounding dose of vanilla flavor, and two types of chocolate.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Pitch black with a big and tightly held three finger head. It takes ages to reduce but when it does it leaves a superb lace trail.

Aroma: There aren’t many better flavour combinations than mint and chocolate in this world. No shit one of us Hopheads can literally polish off a whole packet of Mint Slice in one night so when this combo is beerified we’re all over it. Obviously the two main features lead out. Getting more of an after dinner mint vibe from it…spearmint, dark chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, a faint touch of coconut. One thing we certainly don’t get is the bourbon and or barrels.

Flavour: Ok so we’re tasting the bourbon/barrels here and now we’re kinda wishing we could rewind back to the aroma. Maybe mint and bourbon are meant to be kept separate as both of them on their own are absolutely delicious but together they seem to clash. It displays this off putting mouthwash quality and unfortunately the Stout base isn’t big enough to drown out its shortcomings.

Mouthfeel: Pretty good. Slick and a little oily, medium-full body. The Co2 is low-ish and the 10.3% ABV is tucked away fairly neatly.

Overall: We’re finding that The Bruery can be very hit and miss with their Pastry Stouts these days. It’s very frustrating when one is literally emptying their pockets for just one can. Not good enough in our opinion.