The little brewing co. 2013 Christmas ale.


imageThese types of beers are always tonnes of fun to review on. This quad is 2013’s cellar release which, if you were more patient (unlike us) you could age for up to 5 years. Incredible.

Served just below room temperature into a beer tulip, the mahogany brown pour constructed a two finger tan head that settles to a thin cap on top. Good head retention which is leaving some spotted lace trails clinging to the glass. The olfactory’s are instantly tantalized by rich and moreish wafts of caramel, spice, dark chocolate, cherry, pudding, brown sugar, dates and alcohol. So much character in here. In the mouth it’s well rounded and oily with mild-medium carbonation. Full bodied. Upfront the thick, viscous notes of Christmas cake, toffee and spice are heightened by a mild booze burn (11.3%) that carries through to the mid-palate. Remarkably, other than the slight hint of black coffee on the back end, the finish is a mirror image of the fore-flavour, but never does it seem uninteresting or one dimensional. In fact it gets better, and surprisingly easier to drink, developing a slight dryness to the back palate. Impressive, these Aussie brewers from Port Macquarie would easily gain the respect of any Belgian Trappist brewer. This is an outstanding quad. Top brew Waz.