The little brewing co. ‘Fastidious bastard’ IPA


imageFor us it started with Warwick’s perfectly executed pale ale. Then it was the finesse and knowledge he displayed in brewing his Mad Abbot range of Belgian ales which really won our respect. Somehow he has managed to go further with releases such as the Death between the tanks, Breaking the cardinal rule and now this, the latest in his portfolio of world class beers. Do we even need to comment on the brilliant artwork on the labels too?

Moving on, we served this in an IPA glass and revel in the clarity on display. Plenty of active carbonation is streaming up to the 1 and a half finger cap that retains well, finally settling to a solid covering on top. Laced well. One sniff and it’s west coast hop heaven in our glass. Centennial, Columbus, Citra and Simcoe provide every hopheads paradise with aromas of ruby grapefruit, tangelo, passion fruit, pineapple and mango. And it doesn’t end there, like any good IPA should, a hint of freshly shaved wood, spicy pepper and a toffee like sweetness offset the citric fruits. Booyah! Feels quite nice and dense in the mouth without being too heavy. A hint of prickly carbonation and a frothy texture also lend a fullish flavour to this ale. Quite sharp upfront, the assertive bitterness from the 75 IBU’s combines with citric grapefruit, stone fruits and a subtle alcohol warmth (6.8%) to get things underway. What begins aggressive, nicely mellows through the mid as a hint of toffee and caramel takes the edge off, allowing a more palate-friendly finish to unfold. What we like is how a muted bitterness in the background slyly reminds us that we’re drinking a hopped up IPA. Good length. Well, it’s easy to say that Warwick’s done it again, back with another ripper of a beer to add to his already Stirling portfolio of high-powered beers. Keep em comin!