The little brewing co. ‘mad abbot’ tripel


littleBrewingCo_madAbbotTripelThere are only a select few of Australian breweries that can truly lay claim to a Begian Tripel that stacks up against the Abbey Monks of Belgium. We can only say that before drinking this beer because we have had the delight of drinking this Tripel a couple of times already, and it is exceptional.

We served this liquid beauty in a beer tulip. Our aggressive pour aroused an off-white 2 finger crown that slowly reduced to a firm layer on top. Good head retention that allows for some healthy lace trails. Nice cloudy orange appearance. Very attractive beer. The nose is offering up those big sweet, sugary overtones with plenty to back it up. We detect apricot, banana, clove, peach, pear, alcohol, rose water and a touch of pepper. Quite complex with a hell of a lot going on. Nice and smooth in the mouth with a light, creamy texture. Moderately carbonated with medium body. Nothing overly aggressive. The first few sips yield flavours of sweet stone fruits, spice and an evident warmth from the ABV (9.5%). The warmth from the alcohol gradually turns into a light sting through the mid while some residual sugars emerge late. The finish is sweet and sugary with some good length being displayed. Reflecting on the beer we are inclined to say that this is arguably the best Australian-brewed Tripel on the market. True to it’s style and an impressive resemblance to any decent Belgian brewed Tripel. Excellent drop.