Three boys oyster stout


imageThis stout is a staple….. arguably the best oyster stout we’ve ever tasted. Bluff oysters, to be pedantic, are the oysters added to the brew. These enormous, juicy oysters are a perfect addition to this stout as they bring tonnes of salty oyster goodness to the beer.

Served in a beer tulip the jet black pour showcases a vibrant 1 finger head that simmers down to patches of foam on top. Minimal lacing is omitted. A vigorous twirl of the glass arouses this amazing aroma of earthy and roasted notes of coffee, chocolate, nuts, soy sauce, salt, toast, malt and cocoa. In the mouth it’s quite light on but the flavour is exceptional. With a slight hop bitterness comes a rich and full bodied flavour profile of roasted coffee, chocolate, alcohol and caramel. Don’t be scared off by the ‘oyster’ in the oyster stout. There is no strong flavour of oysters, it just adds to the class and complexity of this brilliant stout. At 6.5% alc.vol. we thought the strength was bang on. To be honest, jump on the net and look up the beer cellar in N.Z or the international beer shop in W.A and order one of these beauties. If you are a stout fan you will love this!