Three boys wild plum ale


image“Every autumn in the deep south, the Three Boys family harvest wild cherry plums from the family farm and celebrate their capture in traditional preserves. The Three Boys brewer takes these same fruit and captures those evocative flavours in the Wild Plum Ale.”

Hmmm, such an impressive brewery, yet such a strange beer. Unsure as to how this is an ‘ale’ as the first whiffs are distinctly commercial australian lager! Pours with a heap of fizz and big frothy head which does not budge. Lots of frothy lacing on the glass. Unlike a lager though, there is a coppery hue to the body. The flavour profile is basically an Asian lager with a slight sweetness from the mirabelle plums. The bottle states a distinct tartness and if you swish the brew around the mouth, you can enjoy that sense. This brew sits at a hefty 7.7%. Unable to detect many hops used here. Overall, definately a beer to try but the lager-like flavours were a little disappointing.