Toppling Goliath ‘Mornin Latte’ Imperial Coffee Milk Stout


82561776_1278452659005543_347199027290308608_o“Imperial Coffee Milk Stout brewed with lactose and a careful blend of cacao nibs giving it a dark chocolate, toasty and toasty sweet coffee taste.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Glossy black with a short and dark tan head which doesn’t hang around long. A halo is quickly formed with consistent rings each sip.

Aroma: Woowww! Smells just like a Dare iced coffee that is insane! So sweet, milky and sugary yet still resembling a latte really well. Getting high off this almost raw coffee bean scent…heavenly! Gorgeous waves of cocoa, chocolate and vanilla in support. Subtle roasted malts in the background. We’d kill to try a bourbon barrel aged version of this. 10/10 for the aroma that is just the cream of the crop!

Flavour: It kicks off with an interesting licorice-like taste before the luxurious coffee and vanilla takes hold. Surprisingly little milky/lactose sweetness on the palate… we’d be more inclined to say piccolo rather than latte at this stage. Lots of cocoa and chocolate sauce, toasted nutty malts and mild char/ash in the finish. Good legs on it too.

Mouthfeel: Dense, creamy, sticky and full bodied…exactly what we were after. The 8.9% ABV is so well hidden with a very tight and fine Co2.

Overall: This is the epitome of a coffee stout. Jam packed with coffee, vanilla, lactose, chocolate and roasty malts brought home with a dense and sticky viscosity. If you love your stout you love your coffee then get all over this. Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed. Top shelf.