Unibroue Eau benite triple


Unibroue Eau benite tripleWe actually brought this bottle back to Australia with us after a snowboarding trip to Big White, Canada. Bought in a six pack, we consumed four of them and saved two so we could review them when we got home.

Served in to beer tulips. It pours a hazy, deep orange/gold that knocks up a dense 1 finger head that takes it’s time to reduce down to a firm covering over the top. Laced well. On the nose we’re getting earthy malts, yeasty fruits (banana, pear/apple) spice, bread, herbs and caramel. Nice, traditional-style tripel aroma. In the mouth it’s creamy with decent weight, coating the mouth well. The carbonation levels are moderate with medium body. The flavour profile offers a beautiful fusion of sweet and tropical fruits, spice, banana bread and some grassy/earthy notes to finish. A delicious caramelized sweetness, almost like brown sugar and dates creeps in as we imbibe. At 7.7% ABV the alcohol content is worked in to the flavour really well, never overpowering. We’re quite surprised how well this traveled, drinking exactly how we remembered it in Canada. Quite hard to find though, we haven’t been able to find this anywhere in Australia so you’re trying to find it you may need to order online at slow beer or the international beer shop. Brilliant French-Canadian tripel here. Up there with some of the best.