Wander Beyond ‘Scoop’ Imperial Black Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream IPA


“Scoop is an Imperial Black Icecream IPA. Based on the theme of mint choc chip ice creams, we added cacao nibs and vanilla to a dark Milkshake IPA base before dry hopping with Fuggles, Polaris and Citra hops and steeping peppermint tea from our friends at Atkinsons of Lancaster.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Pitch black with a light gradient on the edges. It notches up a thumb of creamy and finely beaded foam which holds together pretty well. Wavy cascading lace clings as we go.

Aroma: OK… literally smells like a boozy after dinner mint. In liquid black IPA form! This could actually pass as a scented candle it is that God damn good. Mint and chocolate obviously dominate to the tune of about 90% of the aroma but the mint kinda switches between spearmint and peppermint and the chocolate is dark, bold and slightly roasty. Maybe a hint of vanilla, pine and citrus rind as well but that’s it.

Flavour: Doesn’t have the finesse that the aroma did but we’ll concede that it would be very hard to back up an aroma like that! The mint turns more creme-like and the chocolate more like raw cacao. A hint of menthol creeps in but it does get lost in this hypnotic rapture of mint choc chip. Some really delicate pine needle and herbals down deep but it’s all rich chocolate and creamy mint to finish. With excellent length too.

Mouthfeel: Nicely weighted, creamy and smooth but with a bit of grip. Medium body, mild carbonation. 11% ABV! Unbelievably well hidden.

Overall: It may only be a one trick pony but the trick it does is pretty damn impressive. From the moment we took in the aroma we were hooked. Solid drop.