Weissenoher ‘Eucharius’ Pils


“A premium Pils of top quality that will have even the most discerning Pils connoisseurs excited with its fresh impression, the sparkle of good carbonation and the fine presence of Noble hops. This is a Franconian Pils conveying the stamp of the lightly coloured, low protein barleys and the traditionally grown aroma hops of the area around Hersbruck, a town well known to hop fans all over the world. Made with our soft spring water, the hop aromas in this beer provide the perfect frame for its fine spicy maltiness, joining forces to make a Pils of premium quality.”

Glassware: Flute.

Appearance: Gorgeous pale golden pour with a fluffy three finger head. What a sight for sore eyes! Head retention is good with fine lacing being strewn down the glass.

Aroma: Schön! Absolutely beautiful. Classic German Pils qualities of Noble hop spiciness, herbals and earth mixed in with a clean, crisp and biscuity malt profile. Just the slightest flutter of honey sweetness coming through too. Soft orchard fruits, florals, crusty white bread and a touch of freshly clipped grass. Very strong start…as expected.

Flavour: Very conventional, very peeled back interpretation of the style. Just letting the world class ingredients do the talking; delicate spice, herbals/florals, earthy and grassy hops offset by the clean, crisp and (bread) crusty malt profile. Very very subtle orchard fruits and semi sweet honey in the exquisitely polished finish.

Mouthfeel: Immaculate. Crisp and light on, just the right amount of bitterness and Co2. 4.9% ABV is bang on where we’d want it to be as well.

Overall: Even with 10 months on this bad boy it still drinks astonishingly well. It’s testament to the brewers. Man, can’t help but imagine how damn good it would be fresh. Respect.