Wild Barrel ‘Hazy Star’ Hazy IPA


83003576_1288993994618076_4562097081942016_o“Hazy juicy IPA dry hopped with Galaxy &Nelson.”

Glassware: IPA

Appearance: Hazy orange with a huge fluffy four finger head. It takes a lifetime to reduce and once it does it leaves a thick blotchy lacing in its wake.

Aroma: Two of the biggest and brightest stars of the Southern Hemisphere come together in this American IPA. Straight off the bat those classic peach and passion fruit notes lead out with the more subtle lime, gooseberry and mature Sauv Blanc from Nelson in support. Also picking up hints of stonefruit, mixed citrus and leafy herbs i.e basil and thyme.

Flavour: Not really popping as much as the aroma. Muted notes of stonefruit i.e peach, rockmelon, paw paw…tangy orange, some candied lime, gooseberry and passion fruit. Very little malt coming through – white bread/crusts if anything. Soft fleshy fruits, tangy orange and a hint of rind in the finish.

Mouthfeel: Nicely balanced, light-moderate body. Slightly dry and chalky texture. 7.1% ABV has a bit of attitude but mostly well behaved.

Overall: Not totally sold on this one unfortunately. The aroma was superb but the flavour profile and slight astringency let it down. Pretty cool to see these U.S breweries embracing the Antipodean hops like this though.