Wildflower ‘St.Henry’ Australian Wild Ale w Apricot


“St Henry is an Australian Wild Ale refermented with apricots. While the beer is named for Chris and his wife Emily’s second son, Saint Henry II was a Holy Roman Emperor during the 11th century. In 2020, this beer was made from golden mixed fermentation, barrel aged beer and 380kg of fresh, (partially) tree ripened, whole Trevatt apricots hand picked fromĀ Thornbrook Orchard in Orange, NSW.

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Slightly cloudy straw golden pour with little head formation. It immediately retreats to the rim with very minimal lace work as we go.

Aroma: Very light and fruity. We certainly detect the fresh apricots. What’s more is that it gives off hints of other stonefruits like peach, nectarine and mango. Distinct notes of wheat grains, hay and straw and then more delicate white wine qualities; lemon, sour apple, pear and green grapes. A really soft floral bouquet to it as well. Super light and summery but still well structured.

Flavour: It’s actually a fair bit sweeter than we expected. A short cameo of moderate sourness kicks it off but the apricot and mixed stonefruits that come along puts a juicy, nectar-filled twist on it. There’s a touch of passionfruit along with wheat, hay and cereal grains. Kumquat and orange citrus developing late then laying down for a fruity finish with soft creamy and funky yoghurt-esque accents on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and light with a refreshing effervescence. Kinda mineraly texture, mild-moderate body. The 5.4% ABV is nicely slotted in.

Overall: We thought we’d made our way through this whole series so this apricot expression almost got away from us! Glad it didn’t too as it’s a lovely drop. Would go perfectly on a hot summer day…instead of this wet and gloomy old Spring arvo!