Wildflower ‘St.Walter – Black Muscat’ Australian Wild Ale


“St Walter is an Australian Wild Ale refermented with red wine grapes. It is named for Topher and his wife’s first son and the Saint Walter was an 11th century monk from the Loire Valley in France and is the patron saint of vintners. At release, we see big aromatics of rosewater, turkish delight and sweet lolly. The palate is fresh but without the cloying flavours you would assume from these aromatics. Light grippiness with a fresh concord grape, vitis labrusca finish. Lots of energy and fruit in what is a very enjoyable beer to drink.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: A deep rosy pink with a rusty hue. A short fizzy head forms but quickly snaps back to the rim. A very wet lace is dragged down the glass.

Aroma: We’re picking up the delicate sweetness and light florals from the black Muscat grapes immediately. Man they work incredibly well with the tart and tangy red wine vinegar, red berries and mild lacto sourness…together they create this sweet and sour character which is delightful. Some more subtle hints of sherbet, herbals, musty barnyard and raspberry roll ups filling it out.

Flavour: They’ve really dialled up the funk. Very musty and lots of barnyard and sweaty horse blanket. There’s still a bit of sweetness from the grapes creeping in and the somewhat sharp and tangy red wine vinegar has been squeezed out. Vinous red berries, sherbet and candied fruits develop late and set up for a funky finish with a touch of sweet red berries.

Mouthfeel: Light on, crisp and mineraly. Very lightly sparkling Co2. The 5.8% ABV is slotted in nicely too.

Overall: Although it’s lacking heavily in the sour department it makes up for it in balance and extreme drink-ability. It certainly isn’t short on aroma and flavour either! Another solid addition to this series.