Working Title ‘Red Velvet’ Red Rye Ale


“Spicy, seductive and satiable, nothing brings that unique malty flavour like rye malt. Utilising pale rye, caramel rye and chocolate rye we built in every angle of rye that we could, creating a complex number that will leave you pondering “just how”. The glucans of the rye give an unctuous, treacle mouthfeel that slides like silk into a chocolatey aftertaste.”

Glassware: English Pint.

Appearance: Pours deep amber with bold ruby red hues. Full clarity. It forms a sturdy two finger head which retains. Healthy lacing as we go.

Aroma: Proper malt bomb but that’s to be expected from the style. The feature rye plays a big yet well tempered role displaying its hallmark spicy-ness and somewhat grainy qualities. Tonnes of toffee, caramel and toast with more subtle notes of coffee, Jaffa, red berries, blood orange and a faint touch of pine. Good overall balance and structure.

Flavour: One of the first things we taste is that spicy rye but it’s quickly enveloped by a wall of rich toffee and caramel, toast and a really earthy cocoa-like quality. The hops come through a bit more on the palate too…getting pine, ruby grapefruit, dank herbals and rind. It finishes quite dry and citrusy with that spicy rye hanging on for days.

Mouthfeel: Thick, creamy and luscious but it’s still nicely aerated. Medium-full body. Finely carbed. The 6% ABV is right on the money.

Overall: The first beer we tried from Working Title was the ’19 vintage Solera Stout and we vowed never to touch another beer from them ever again. Then GABS ’21 came along and their entry (Moonlight & Pretzels) totally changed our minds on this mob. We’re glad we did as this red Rye Ale is a solid little number; rich, balanced, full flavoured and complex.