Zierholz ‘Hopmeister’ English Pale Ale


“Crafted from prized British Maris Otter, Crystal and premium German Munich malts, this English Style Pale Ale combines fresh, fruity and zesty New Zealand hops and a biscuity malt with caramel sweetness followed by an appetizingly dry finish. The generous hopping will leave your tastebuds lingering and wanting one more. A great aperitif or as an accompaniment to grills, sausages and Mexican style dishes.”

Glassware: Shaker.

Appearance: Bold amber with a very mild haze. It forms a thumb of off white head which slowly retracts but still manages a wet and wavy lace down the glass.

Aroma: Extremely well balanced. Getting the heady notes of nutty and toasty malt initially then the slightly sweet and fruity hops in support. We’re also picking up more nuanced hints of orange citrus, caramel, light musky florals and earthy apricot. We love the fact it isn’t trying to be fancy, it’s just a really well structured aroma.

Flavour: The hop bitterness certainly shows some vigour. Instantly the dry bitterness and fruity/citrusy flavours compliment the toasty and earthy/nutty malts. That real pithy bitterness carries through the mid and lands on a toasty finish with mostly citrus and rind drawing out on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Fairly dry and bitter… intensifying in the swallow. Light-moderate body and Co2. We like the 5.1% ABV, it’s just slightly higher than average but not enough to notice.

Overall: A very respectable interpretation of an English Pale Ale. The base malt profile is spot on and the combination of Aussie and NZ hops adds a touch of new world flair. But without going over the top. Diggin it.