3 ravens ’55’ American pale ale


image“3 Ravens 55 is an American style Pale Ale, first brewed on our 5th Birthday. Five assertive hops meet a blend of barley, corn, wheat oats and rye. Floral aromatics lead to a structured maltiness and clean finish. Traditional bottle conditioning naturally carbonates this beer and helps to its complexity.Engineered by hand, this beer is the product of a craft brewing process in which traditional methods meet exacting standards. We take care to emphasize quality of quantity and to use only the finest natural ingredients.”

Poured into a shaker glass and twice re-filtered. Bottle conditioned so be ready for some sediment. The appearance displays a hazy copper orange with a thick 1 inch cap. Good head retention and good lacing. The aroma is quite rye driven with floral hops and sweet bready malt undertones. Wafts of grapefruit, mandarin, caramel, oats, dough and spice adds extra depth and complexity to an already pleasant aroma. Mild-medium carbonation with a slightly thin mouth feel. The palate opens up quite smoothly with a short and sharp hop bitterness to follow. Mid-palate is more malt-driven but it slightly drops off, although it is relinquished by a long spicy rye dominated finish. Good duration on the tongue. 5.5% ABV is about right. Yeah, it was good but nothing great. We’ve definitely had plenty of better APA’s.