4 pines brewing co. ESB


imageQuite an easily found beer this one, we picked it up from Dan Murphy’s, but as any craft brew, it’s better on tap at the brewery. This ESB actually won a couple of awards back when it was first brewed in 2010 and then picking up a couple of golds recently.

Served in a pint glass the translucent amber/ruby red pour generates a beige 1 finger head that recedes to a half-crest of bubbles on top. Standard lacing. What emanates out of the glass initially is a rich and sticky toffee and nutty sweetness that’s followed by a firm earthiness. In the background are some muted grassy English hops (Williamette, Kent golding and Fuggles) that provide a mild balance. In the mouth it’s full and chewy with decent carbonation. The flavour seems to follow on from the aroma with the addition of a mildly assertive bitterness (45 IBU) that cuts through the solid burst of sweet toffee malts and subtle Jaffa upfront. The mid offers nuts and a touch of spicy hops while the finish slightly drops off with a short and mild bitterness. Disappointing end to a good ESB, but the 5.4% ABV does pick it up with a little warming on rear palate. Good beer, we aren’t really fond of bitters but this is pretty drinkable. Decent offering.