Bacchus Brewing Co. Peanut Brittle Gose


14568223_579330132251136_4321783244005863186_n“Peanut Brittle Gose – 500ml (Alc 4.9%). Gose is an ancient style of soured German Wheat Beer typically brewed with Coriander & Sea Salt. We’ve stayed true to the original recipe but then added our own Peanut Brittle twist. A heady aroma of sweet buttery toffee & roasted peanuts follows through into the taste, where the lactic saltiness of the Gose cuts through & balances the sweetness beautifully. Peoples Choice winner GABS 2016”

Served in an English pint. The appearance offers an attractive crimson hue with a short fizzy head that disappears almost instantly. Needless to say there isn’t a great deal of lace being shed. On the nose we get the expected saltiness initially, kind of hints at sea water at times. It’s not until the beer starts to warm that the super sweet and simply divine aromas of the caramelized peanut brittle begin to take shape. Such an odd mix but the salty notes blend exceptionally well with the moreish and syrupy peanut brittle. The combination of the two result in this indulgent salted caramel ice cream character that is just heaven for the olfactory’s. The texture of the beer is silky smooth but with an interesting salinity that provides a tingling sensation on the tongue and lips while the Co2 gives it a nice lift and adds a crucial effervescence to the overall feel. The front palate sees all the action as this marriage of saltiness and super sweet peanut brittle is brought alive with a spritzy carbonation. The salinity coerces the saliva glands to fill the mouth through the mid as the delicious flavours of peanut brittle and salted caramel endure through the finish and well in to the back end. It’s exactly how we remember it! After revisiting this beer it only serves as a confirmation that it earned the GABS 2016 people’s choice award by right. It’s so damn tasty, crafty and incredibly addictive. Top shelf stuff.