Bacchus Brewing Co. ‘Timmy Ho’s Double Double’ Coffee Milk Stout


15823466_625575007626648_364078957363037096_n“Originally created for the Bacchus B20 beer fest. 20 “one off” unique beers, each brewed to represent a country/leader at the G20. Canada – inspired by Tim Horton’s, Canada’s favourite coffee, home of the “double double (double cream double sugar)”

Served in a beer tulip. The pour is pitch black with a fizzy tan head that swells to a finger on height before it rapidly disappears leaving absolutely no head whatsoever.
Quite a complex little number we have here. Initially we got a creamy vanilla character with subtle coffee notes in support. Not long after that it develops this somewhat tart and mildly sour cherry note that is balanced by a gorgeous milk chocolate accent. A woody spice comes to the forefront then eventually reverts back to the slightly bitter coffee. Impressive how it continually morphs like that.                                                                                                                          
There’s a nice weight in the mouth. It’s actually very smooth in texture with a mild hop bitterness and a subtle bite from the 6.4% ABV.                                                                                         Similar to the aroma, it’s quite creamy upfront with a nice little dose of coffee and chocolate to balance. Hints of woody spice cut through and carry in to the mid where a subtle bitterness is introduced. All the way through super mild cherry tartness comes along, finally stamping its mark on the finish along with creamy vanilla, hints of dark fruit and fig jam on the rear.                 Certainly not one of Bacchus’s best beers but it does have some good qualities – a nice evolving aroma leads in to the well balanced but slightly lacking flavour. A lot of thick sediment settling on the bottom of the glass here too – no difference to the outcome of the beer obviously but a slight turn off. One of those rare ‘meh’ moments from Bacchus.