Baird beer morning coffee stout


imageHuge fans of this top notch Japanese craft brewery. We are also huge fans of beer and coffee and true believers that without these 2 beverages, this world would be one very boring place.

Served into a tulip glass the jet black pour reveals light brown hues when held against the light. Crowning this beauty off is a 1 cm cappuccino head which slowly simmers down to a thin film on top. The head retains well, offering good lacing down the glass. We are getting an immense, bitter espresso aroma from the whole Peruvian beans that are added to the conditioning tank. Big smattering of dark chocolate, toffee, cocoa and roasted malts make up the back end of this excellent aroma. Also a lovely caramelised sugary sweetness that would be the result off additions of Japanese Kokuto (Dark Cane) and Korizato (Rock candy). Medium carbonation. Full bodied mouth feel and big bitterness even though the IBU only comes in at 40 units. Upfront a delicious bitter espresso roastiness makes way for a smooth malty mid-palate. Hints of dark chocolate and toffee fudge are detected before a long roasted espresso finish lingers well on the back palate. Maybe a touch of lactose in here too. 7% ABV is bang on and undetectable in flavour. Wow this is an excellent stout, balancing the heavy coffee flavours effectively.