Baird beer ‘rising sun’ APA


image“Japan is known to the world as the “Land of the Rising Sun.” To Japanese, Fuji-san (Mount Fuji) is a natural icon emblematic of the nation. Rising Sun Pale Ale is a beer emblematic of Japan’s legendary culture of craftsmanship”.

We served into a shaker glass and the appearance is displaying a heavily clouded amber colour. Atop, a bubbly 2 and a half finger head dissipates slowly, eventually settling to a fine layer without much lace. The aroma boasts lovely citrus-driven characters with a firm emphasis on tangy apricot. Hints of pine, orange blossom, peach and mango  are all balanced by a soft caramel malt backbone. A nice subtle touch of spice and honey/syrupy sweetness also pushes through. Medium carbonation with a smooth, oily mouth feel. Medium body. Following on from the nose is this delicious and slightly tangy apricot upfront which has a mild hop bitterness flowing through. Hints of honey and stone fruit show up through the mid, leading onto a tidy, bitter finish. Decent length and with a modest 5% ABV we can easily say that this is quite a sessional APA. The brewers have done extremely well to produce such a quality beer without charging it with tonnes of hops, instead, focusing on a brilliant balance between the two. Baird have done it again, a respectable addition to this top shelf Japanese craft breweries range.