Beer here ‘hoptilicus’ American-style Barleywine


image“Hoptilicus is a barleywine hopped like a double IPA. The idea was to make a strong complex ale show casing both the hops and malts while retaining drinkability from the use of Danish beet sugar which ferments away leaving only alcohol drying the beer out. The label is inspired by a famous Danish B-movie from the 50’s.”

Another excellent addition to this Danish breweries huge range. This one we served in an IPA glass (mainly because it’s hopped to the nines), the murky brown pour offers a light mahogany hue with a fizzy 1 finger tan head that maintains and laces well. The aroma is providing tropical-fruity overtones with grapefruit and pine dominating. A decent caramel and pale malt base injects a lovely caramelised sweetness, almost like treacle to balance this gorgeous aroma. The mouth feel is smooth with a hint of dryness. Medium carbonation and body. Flavour packs a nice bitter punch from the hops throughout. Very zesty, we can pick up hints of grapefruit and orange peel on the front-palate. Initially, quite dry but then mid way through it becomes quite smooth with a subtly malty, toffee-like character that enjoys a slight alcohol warmth. This finish leaves a long lasting hop bitterness on the tongue that begs for more. We were quite surprised at how well the alcohol content (9% ABV) was hidden. Very very quaffable brew. Impressive offering, we’d definitely buy again.