Beer here ‘lupulus’ pale ale


Beer here lupulus pale ale“Hops are plants that give this beer much of its character. In Latin hops are called “Humulus Lupulus”. Lupulus means wolf and the name comes from the way hops embraces the shrubbery where it grows like a wolf clamping onto its prey. With an enchanting fresh hop aroma and dry finish, this beer is never clingy but rather a wolf in sheep’s clothing”

What can we say, the Danish masters of brewing are back with another belter. Served in a shaker glass the hazy amber-orange pour constructs a small off-white cap with good retention. Laced well despite the small head. Aroma has a great balance between the biscuit malt, grain, pine and subtle grapefruit. Beer here really show their nouse along with other top shelf Danish breweries like Norrebro Bryghus and Mikkeller as these guys have balanced the hops and malt together with a sensible 4.7% ABV very well. It has a slick mouth feel with medium carbonation and body. Again, a lovely mix of grainy/doughy malt and fruity hops on the palate. Light piney finish with good length. An absolute pearler of an ale and we definitely recommend you try. You won’t find one in your corner bottlo so either find it online or head to the oak barrel in Sydney city to grab one of these beauties. We would definitely return for another one of these.