Big Shed Brewing Co ‘Golden Stout Time’ Dessert Stout


11850511_439266749590809_8395010682358189945_o“This beer is a tribute to the classic Golden Gaytime ice cream. It is brewed with cacao nuts, rice and specialty grain for that honey aroma then lactose for sweetness”

Well, if you live in Australia and attended the 2015 GABS festival then this stout needs no introduction, as it took out 3rd best beer of the competition. Similar to BrewCult’s ‘Milk & 2 Sugars’ (which understandably won) they answered the call from craft beer lovers by bottling up a batch so we can all treat our taste buds to a brief reminder of the brilliant day that is GABS. Served in a wide-rimmed tulip. The oily black pour only just manages to generate a finger of fizzy brown head before it dissipates and leaves nothing but a lonely island of bubbles in the middle of the beer. Laced poorly. The aroma of this beauty is something that has to be witnessed to get a grasp of. Growing up, Gaytime’s were one of our favourite ice creams and the aroma of this stout is spot on. This sweet, but delicious scent of caramel ice cream and nuts is absolutely divine. Creamy vanilla, honeycomb, toffee fudge, white chocolate and lactose are all mind-blowingly aromatic. Simply genius. In the mouth it’s creamy and seriously smooth. The 5.4% ABV is perfect, no burn whatsoever, just a soft, silky transition from beginning to end. Mild Co2 and only moderately bodied. What a beer this is shaping up to be. Much like the aroma, an absolutely delicious injection of caramel sauce, honey and nuts is tasted upon entry. Just as we’d hoped, the creamy caramel flavour bridges the mid and delivers a sweet, lactosey finish. Just a lick of roast to balance it out on the rear palate. There’s something about this beer that reminds us of Emelisse’s creme brulee stout. So ridiculously sweet but it’s executed perfectly. It literally smells and tastes like a liquid Gaytime! Outstanding drop, no wonder it won awards at GABS.