Big Shed Brewing Concern ‘Kol Schisel’ Kolsch


13394074_528867880630695_7850640917237877320_n“This ale masquerading as a lager is a cracking beer for those unsure that they are into ‘craft’ beers. Subtle bready, malt flavours backed up with a hop spiciness that makes you want to come back for another. Its not too boozy so you can enjoy a couple after work, at the Sunday arvo BBQ or when you’ve just come off the beach.”

Served in a shaker glass. The characteristic hazy straw golden body is capped off by two fingers of snow white foam that retains quite well. It does gradually recede and settles to a fine overlay with some sporadic lace trailing it down. As far as Kölsch aromas go this one seems quite traditional. We get that starchy potato scent leading out along with doughy notes of white bread and crayons. It is lifted by a vibrant citrus accent that is underlined by a subtle crackery malt backing. Some light herbal undertones poke through as do hints of freshly cracked grain husks and straw. Not half bad. The mouth feel is über-light and maybe just a little too lean. Co2 is moderate and the body is mild. Just a tad too watery for our liking. Even though the texture was a bit thin it doesn’t affect the flavor in any way. The front palate offers up cereal malts and rice crackers but it’s this extremely subtle heat that has us intrigued. It’s similar to a red pepper but sharper like there were a few cheeky chili’s thrown in the fermenter. It’s an interesting touch. Once it passes through the mid there isn’t a great deal happening other than your standard sweet malts, grains and delicate citrus notes. A bold bitterness rounds it out but the finish is short and a little pedestrian. Look, it’s definitely got its pro’s and con’s but ultimately the beer as a whole is a little lackluster. The citrus and the grains just aren’t cutting through and unfortunately it’s a tad one dimensional. Other than the initial heat and being a great summer session beer there’s nothing really memorable about it.