Black duck IPA ‘Indian runner’ IPA


image“The India Pale Ale originates from Britain. These beers were made higher in alcohol and bitterness that provided a natural means of preserving the beer during the ship voyage from Britain to the Indian colonies. This beer is true to the UK style with higher alcohol and higher bitterness, a sweet caramel middle and some earthy hop aromas to complete the palette”.

This IPA from this microbrewery in port Macquarie is a unique one. Poured into a shaker glass the head produces a fizzy 2 fingers of foam. Off the nose it is devoid of citrusy hops, but has a strong malty backbone and whiffs of booze. Lots of bubble when poured, leaving some lacing on the glass, and the dark copper orange hues look good. There seems to be a hint of pepper or chipotle on the palate. We also sense a barrel aged component, maybe oak? mildly carbonated with a smooth mouth feel. A generous bitter back palate makes for good length. The 6% ABV is evident in aroma and taste. This beer strikes us as a bit home brew. A little complex and unbalanced. It seems to be missing all the delicious hallmarks of a good IPA?? Not the best we’ve ever tried.