Bottle Logic ‘Perfectly Preserved’ Fruited Berliner Weiss


“Tart Wheat ale brewed and conditioned with hundreds of pounds of nectarines & white + yellow peaches.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Clear golden pour and a fast-fading white head. It forms a fine collar with next to no lace work on the glass.

Aroma: Very dominant peach coming off initially. It has a strong floral scent behind it too. Heady nectarine, unripened pineapple and lychee also coming through. Somewhat of a spring floral bouquet and a touch of bush honey to make it that little bit more interesting. Maybe some wheat grains off in the distance but honestly it’s hard to get far past the extreme peach and nectarine.

Flavour: This is turning out to be miles from what we were anticipating. We were ignorantly expecting a soured-up, stonefruit-based beauty and we’ve ended up with an overly floral, sweet peachy mess with little acidity and structure. The peach and nectarine pretty much drown out any other flavour and the floral aspect only further widens the imbalance. It does dry up a bit and corrects itself late in the piece but the damage is done by then.

Mouthfeel: Nice and crisp, tart and refreshing. Perfectly carbed, mild-moderate body. Can’t fault the texture at all.

Overall: This is a rare strike out for BL. They are human after all! It’s just a little incongruous but we’ve already forgiven them 😁