Brash beer ‘Texas exile’ Imperial coffee Porter


imageWe’re back with another Brash beer, and it’s good to see these guys have kept with the really cool and colourful artwork-style labels. Very eye catching.

Served in a beer tulip our aggressive pour reveals an ominous and impenetrable black appearance with a 1 finger brown cap that quickly reduced to a thin film on top. Laced well despite the diminishing head. Heavy, burnt and bitter would be the way to sum this aroma up. Dominant wafts of freshly roasted espresso coffee, dark chocolate, oak barrel and molasses are given depth by undertones of soy sauce cocoa, tobacco and leather. The mouth feel is thick and luscious, coating the mouth with every sip. Mildly carbonated with a full bodied flavour. Initiating the palate is a rich fusion of alcohol and bitter espresso coffee which picks up hints of molasses and licorice before an aggressive dryness takes hold of the tongue through the mid. Long and dry bitter finish with plenty of roast to enjoy on the back end. Good length. The 10.5% ABV is evident throughout the flavour but who’s complaining? The body and depth that it creates gives this porter enough to rival an imperial stout. Rich and decadent beer, just tip toe with this beast this is a slow quaffer. Great offering.