Brasserie de Silly ‘Abbaye de Forest’ Blonde


image“Lightly scented aroma followed by a subtly bitter taste. It leaves a subtle raisin fruitiness on the palate ending with a pleasant bitter tonic when swallowing”.

From the bottle we served this into a beer tulip. The hazy straw-gold appearance knocks up a big, fluffy 2 and a half finger head that eventually settles to a thin cap that retains well. Good amount of lacing provided. The aroma is coming off as quite subdued, usually these hoppy, yeasty Belgians are overflowing with perfumes. What is on offer are hints of herbal hops, musk, banana lollies, grain, clove and lemon. What is lacking in the aroma is slightly made up for on the palate as the smooth mouth feel, lively carbonation and the fuller bodied flavour presents itself. Underneath the initial fizz on the tongue are zesty hints of candied orange and sugar. The fizz mellows out through the mid and a subtle touch of booze and spice carry forward and deliver a grainy finish with standard length. The 6.5% ABV is about on par, it does play a little role in taste but nothing out of the ordinary. A little disappointing considering this is Belgian brewed, it almost comes across as an inferior attempt by a lesser known non-Belgian brewery. We’ve had better.