Brew cult ‘spoiler alert’ pale lager


imageFrom the lads at brew cult comes this hoppy lager which is supposed to keep the beer geek satisfied to settle in for that extended session. Ok sounds good!

Pouring that usual hay like hue with a bit of cloudiness, there is a load of carbonation in the glass and an almost over the top sudsy, bubbly head that eventually collapses to a good 10 mm cloud like cap. Patchy foamy lacing sticks to the glass. We get typical lager malt on the nose, almost cereal-like with mild citrus hop and a bit of lemon and melon. First sip yields high carbonation on the lips with a clean palate that has definate bitterness at the end. There is a mild body, but being a lager of 4.5% it’s a bit thin and watery. More mild citrus hops in the mouth and there may be a bit of subdued spice on the back palate also. It certainly is a smooth beer and we can certainly understand how it would satisfy a session at a good craft beer pub. Overall, in general we just think that lagers are too boring, but brew cult have achieved what they aimed for so kudos to them.