Bridge road brewers ‘Ella’ single hop IPA series


image“This single hop IPA, the second in our series, highlights the character of a locally developed hop variety, Ella. We have added a generous amount of Ella whole hop flowers to this brew, both in the kettle and the conditioning tank. It is our attempt to show you the true characters of this hop”.

This is our 3rd installment in the bridge road single hop IPA series. This edition showcases the very fragrant ‘Ella’ hop variety. Poured into an IPA glass the body shows a clear copper orange with red hues. The fizzy 1 finger head dissipated slowly to a thin film of foam on top. Laced reasonably well. The aroma is pure bliss, mainly pine driven with subtle hints of grapefruit, lychee and an even softer touch of caramel malts to balance. The mouth feel is smooth with mild carbonation. The palate is medium bodied with a definite hint of grassy hops and pine upfront. A touch of grapefruit in the mid palate leads to a long and dry bitter finish. Really good length. The 4.8% ABV is spot on with this beer and adds session ability to an already highly drinkable IPA. Nothing overly aggressive. Again, good job guys but the Vic Secret is still on top so far.