Bridge road brewers ‘galaxy’ single hop IPA series


image“We have added generous amounts of whole hop flowers to this brew, both in the kettle
and the conditioning tank. Galaxy, it’s out of this world!”

Well this brings us to the final addition in the single Aussie hop IPA series. This ale showcases the well known Australian galaxy hop variety (most probably our favourite). Poured into an IPA glass the body displayed a clear copper orange with red hues. A decent finger and a half cap is generated, retaining well and releasing a fair amount of lace on the glass. In true galaxy style the aroma boasts plenty of citrus. Passion fruit, sticky resins and soft herbal undertones are also present. Similar to the other 3 in the series the mouth feel was smooth with mild-medium carbonation. Palate was pretty light on with a good balance of malt and hops. Slightly mild body and a short dry finish was a disappointing end to what was shaping up to be a pearler of a beer. 4.8% ABV and a light body makes for a sessional IPA, just not the heavy hitter we were hoping for. Much to our surprise the ‘Ella’ was great but the ‘Vic secret’ hop variety was the stand out for us.