Brookes brown ale


image“When the weather turns a little cooler, Brookes Brown Ale is the beer to reach for. Chocolate, coffee and caramel flavours combine wonderfully with old-world floral hops to create a comforting aromatic brew”.

We uncovered this small-scale microbrewery on our last trip through Bendigo, VIC. Or ‘Trendigo’ as the area is becoming known. Poured into a shaker glass the appearance displays a dark mahogany/brown with a tanned, frothy two finger head that preserves well. Some random webbed lacing was left clinging to the glass as it recedes. The aroma is slightly subdued but what we can detect are hints of cocoa, espresso, caramel, chocolate and lightly roasted malt. Mildly carbonated with a slightly silky mouth feel. The bulk of the flavours were initially hidden until the beer started to acclimatize. Once it had warmed it developed notes of chocolate and roasted malt. The mid-palate through to the end consisted of coffee, nuts and sweet roasted malts with a well drawn out roasted finish. Good length. 5.2% ABV….which seems to be the volume they brew every beer in the range at. But, it works and the beers of theirs we have tried so far are simple and true to style. We’d have to admit we’re fans of this little known micro-brewery from Bendigo. Keep it up lads.