Brooklyn brewery ‘Sorachi Ace’ farmhouse ale (Saison)


1453553_200071636843656_992968695_n“Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is sunshine in a glass, a shining example of the versatility of one of the world’s most intriguing hops. This beer is a superstar at the table, and we enjoy it with seafood dishes, fresh cheese, poultry, barbecue, and even tomato-based pasta sauces. All by itself it puts on a great solo performance too, and we can honestly say you’ve never tasted any beer quite like it. Go ahead, pour yourself some sunshine.”

Well..this is the last beer we had the night before the Tassie beer festival. We were pretty excited as this beer from Brooklyn brewery uses very rare Japanese ‘Sorachi’ hops. Pours a slightly hazy straw-gold with a fizzy 1 inch crown that maintains really well. Good head retention with healthy lacing that follows the liquid down. Subtle hop-aromatic nose with dry hints of lemon, grapefruit, light spice, stone fruits and champagne. The mouth feel was quite spritzy and dry with lively carbonation. Medium body but really light on and highly palatable. We couldn’t taste anything particularly amazing though, a delicate presence of hops with slightly tart lemon, citrus notes. A touch of peppery spice and some light biscuity malts in the background….other than that, we don’t remember anything else other than stumbling home. Try for yourselves at Jack Green bar in Hobart, but be prepared to pay a bit.