Brouwerij Emelisse espresso stout


imageWell, it goes without saying that the crème brûlée stout was arguably the best stout we’ve ever drunk. Following on from that was the DIPA which was also very tasty, so we can only have high expectations for this good looking espresso stout.

Served in a beer tulip. The dense and heavy opaque black pour whipped up a creamy 2 finger head that retains really well, holding it’s shape just short of 1cm. Laced well, omitting thick rings down the glass. Very complex on the nose, the espresso coffee isn’t as prominent as we we’re expecting it to be. In saying that though, an arsenal of decadent aromas including dark chocolate, molasses, leather, light char, licorice and brown sugar come forward. We’re getting a very mild creaminess in here too, we thought vanilla initially but it’s more like lactose. Quite nice though it effectively balances out the richness. Very thick and creamy in the mouth. Carbonation levels are low and the body is full. The front palate is met with an aggressive bitterness along with a sharp alcohol warmth. Once it subsides a firm coffee bitterness pairs with a molasses sweetness that carries forward through the mid, picking up light hints of char as it leads on to the rich, roasty espresso finish. Excellent duration. The 9.5% ABV plays a pretty big role here as the initial burn tapers off but never leaves the tongue. Oof! This is one heavy mother! Before you reach for this, be 100% sure you can handle aggressive, non-approachable stouts because this one will take your head off if you look twice. A good stout nonetheless.