Cascade first harvest ale 2013 APA


image“Once a year, on one extraordinary day, the first green hops of the season are harvested to supply just enough for a single day of brewing. Within hours, the fresh picked green hops are combined with new season pale malt and pure Tasmanian water to brew Cascade First Harvest Ale”.

We tried this on tap in a tasting paddle at the brewery in Hobart, Tasmania. Clear amber pour with a well retained finger and a half of snow white head. Draws some good lacing down the walls of the glass. The aroma is pretty simple. Hops emanate quite delicately with a soft earthy undertone. A refreshing scent of citrus, grapefruit and pine are also present with an equally timid biscuity malt backing. Mild-medium carbonation with a slightly slippery texture. Body is light on. Not a real lot happening with the flavour, we picked up a subtle grassy palate with some light hoppy bitterness and a suggestion of biscuity malt. Very simple beer, but when you have the light beer and draught options either side of it, it’s your best bet. 5.5% ABV is well hidden. Sessional, but other than that it’s mundane and void of any experimental flavour. Lets see what 2014 has to offer.