Coastal Brewing ‘Old Bar’ Best Bitter


“A straw coloured English Best Bitter brewed in the English Black Country style. Smooth and sessionable sitting at 4.0% ABV – perfect for an Autumn evening. Named after ‘Old Bar’ – a beautiful coastal town to the north of Forster where the brewery is located.”

Glassware: English Pint

Appearance: Almost 100% clear golden complexion with a short yet well retained cap on top. Healthy lacing as we go.

Aroma: Classic Euro-centric spicy and herbal hops with additions of light florals, mild lemony citrus, cut grass, earthy/woody notes and semi sweet malts. Not a whole lot else really…it’s just super crisp, almost Pilsner-esque daytime neck oil.

Flavour: Follows the nose with Noble hops for days – peppery spice, grassy herbals, florals and slightly earthy accents fuse with the subtle honeyed malts. Very delicate citrus across the mid palate leading in to an ultra clean finish which offers some grassy and spicy tones on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Again very Pilsner-esque – light, crisp and clean with super soft bitterness and fine carbonation. 4% ABV definitely has it in session territory.

Overall: Even though we’ve tried many of CBC’s beers before this is actually our first review. It’s very basic but essentially it’s true to style and bloody easy to put back. Not going to break down any doors but it’s a fairly decent drop.