Dieu du ciel ‘derniere volonte’ Belgian style IPA


Dieu di ciel derniere volonte Belgian style IPA“Dernière volonté (French for “Last Will”) is a mix of Belgian and English brewing traditions. Complex flavours of hop flowers and spicy, fruity esters from our belgian yeast are perfectly balanced with the robust flavours and aromas of malt. The finish is commandeered by an assertive aroma from dry-hopping”.

Wow, Dieu du ciel, these top notch brewers from Quebec, Canada are absolutely world class. There aren’t too many breweries where you can honestly say that every beer in their range is either extremely good or brilliant. This is one of them. Served in an IPA glass the cloudy straw-golden pour whipped up a fizzy two and a half finger head that settles to a good 8mm cap on top. The head retains well releasing patchy lace trails down the glass. This Belgian style IPA does give off a lot of the spicy Belgian characteristics, with nice yeasty, wheaty aroma’s coming forward too. Stone fruits, honey, clove and subtle floral hops round off an impressive aroma. Kudos. In the mouth it’s buttery and smooth with medium carbonation. Medium body. Upfront the dominant caramel malts balance out gorgeously with creamy hints of vanilla. Generous hints of fruit salad and spice in the mid-palate deliver a lightly hopped, crisp finish with mild bitterness. Good length. 6.5% ABV. The malty, syrupy Belgian attributes in this IPA are definitely more influential than the hops. So good, we absolutely love every beer this brewery produces.