Dieu du ciel Blanche neige


Dieu du ciel Blanche neige“Blanche Neige” meaning Snow White in French, is 1 of dozens of very carefully crafted beers from this immensely unique and quite outlandish brewery from Québec, Canada. Really cool artwork on all their labels too, sort of fairy tale-esque.

So we served this beer in a Weizen glass and we see a hazy straw gold appearance with a visible presence of suspended sediment. Carbonation looks good with a few continuous streams of bubbles rising up to the 1 finger white crown that steadily reduced to a fine layer on top. Laced well. Lots of Oriental-style spices meet the olfactory’s initially I.e cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, star anise and peppercorns. A mild tangy sweetness along with banana, bubble gum, marmalade and muted alcohol slightly offsets the dominant spices. In the mouth it’s silky smooth with mild-moderate fizz. Medium bodied. Much like the aroma, the palate initiates with a firm spiciness coupled with a subtle alcohol warmth. Spices carry forward through the mid as the alcohol (8.3%) gradually morphs from a warmth into a slight sting. Rounding it off is a soft fruity finish with lingering hints of banana and spice on the rear-palate, displaying decent length. Quite the perfect light winter warmer this one, packed full of earthy spices and alcohol warmth but balanced with the lighter fruity notes. Like a Witbier on steroids. Not bad.