Dogfish head beer India brown ale


imageWith an already distinguished name and quite possibly one of the best IPA’s in the world comes this India brown ale. No little one liners or phrases for this beauty, maybe just a suggestion of the confidence that the brewers know of what is to come for our palates. Let’s see.

We served this in an IPA glass and we are met with a dark brown appearance with some attractive ruby red hues when held against the light. We can’t help but be reminded of the 60 minute IPA again here as the clarity is amazing, even more so as this is a pretty dark beer. The head is reasonable, initially rising to about a finger before reducing to a ring without much lacing. It really isn’t a concern when we are taking in some truly gorgeous aromas. Quite complex actually. Our first thoughts are big juicy wafts of ripe cherry and prunes with a suggestion of fig, toffee and cranberry. Then in comes this sweet, caramelised character of brown sugar and brandy which has a woody/oaky undertone to it. Almost hickory-like aroma comes in late too. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant aroma, we just can’t stop sniffing the aromatics this beer is producing. In the mouth it’s smooth with an oily texture. Carbonation is mild-moderate with somewhere between medium and full body. Kick starting the flavour profile is a delicious mix of ripe cherry, fig and subtle cocoa. All three of these flavours carry forward through the mid picking up extra flavours of brandy, caramel and coffee that all reconvene in the finish along with a little warmth from the ABV (7.2% which may we add is very well disguised). Good length and honestly it’s remarkable how the brewers have juggled so many flavours without confusing any of them. This is an absolute pearler of a beer you would be silly to give this a miss. We were right, who needs phrases and one liners when you know your beer is this good. Phenomenal.