Ekim brewing co. ‘After Battle’ Pale Ale


image“After battle. A day in a passive aggressive combat with colleagues? 3 hours behind a dodgy mower in a war against knee-high grass? You need a beer for freaks sake!”

Not only is this brew perfect for post arduous activities, it’s one of the best session beers on the Australian market at the moment. The only reason it’s taken us this long to review it is because every time we buy a couple of six packs we polish them all off before we even float the idea of reviewing it! Not this time though, we saved one bottle and left it warm so we didn’t drink it. Served in a shaker glass. The hazy honeyed amber pour generates a modest one finger cap that holds up well. Good head retention, only peeling off a few millimetres as it sets at a firm covering over the top. Laced well, omitting streaky lace trails as we imbibe. The aroma of this ale is bloody spectacular! It’s the main feature. The first few whiffs provide the olfactory’s with juicy wafts of pineapple, passion fruit, mango and rockmelon. Maybe a touch of woody pine resins creep in too but for us it’s this sweet, caramelised toffee overtones that not only balance out the tropical fruits, but literally steal the show. Absolutely brilliant. The mouth feel is well weighted with a smooth, silky texture. Lively carbonation but with mild bitterness (40 IBU) on the tongue. The ABV (5.6%) is really well disguised, to be honest we were quite surprised when we realised the strength. Upfront we get that delicious toffee viscosity along with sweet tropical fruits like mango, rockmelon and paw paw. A mild hop bitterness bridges the mid while hints of citrus and pine finish it off. Reasonable length. Excellent drop. It just reiterates what we were saying before. This is one of the best session beers out right now. There’s enough flavour to keep the beer geeks happy but approachable enough for the novice craft beer drinker. Kudos Ekim.