Epic ‘larger’ imperial pilsner


imageNow, for all the academics and the people who’s eyes are probably twitching as their OCD kicks in over the extra ‘R’ in the word ‘lager’. The brewers actually did it to annoy you! And here’s a bit of modesty for you too, the brewers are so sure of the quality of this beer that the flavour will impel you to forget all about it. We like their confidence.

Served in a flute glass. Pouring a clear gold with a good one and a half finger head that gradually reduces to a fine layer with reasonable lacing being omitted. The aroma offers up a subtle lemon citrus with grainy malt characters and a measurable waft of alcohol. Hints of passion fruit and herbs along with undertones of rice crackers also creep in. Mild-medium carbonation with a medium weighted body. Well rounded in the mouth with a surprisingly smooth texture considering the 8.5% ABV. Crisp, mildly assertive and grassy hop bitterness upfront leading to sweet caramel and a gentle pale malty mid. Some tropical fruits develop late as it finishes bitter sweet with a subtle alcohol sting on the back of the throat. Length is OK. All in all we have a well balanced beer here. A good way to crack our first ever imperial pilsner….A pilsner of EPIC proportions! We’ve already forgotten about the ‘R’ 🙂