Erdinger Weissbier


imageIt’s quite hard to say which German brewery brews the best Weizens but the name Erdinger is certainly up there among elite breweries such as Schofferhoffer, Franziskaner and Maissels.

Served in a weizen glass the hazy straw golden pour produces a fizzy 2 fingers of foam that maintains well, gradually reducing to a firm layer over the top. Good head retention. Rings of soapy foam reflect some decent lacing. The aroma is quite raw and earthy with soft grainy notes coming through initially. Subtle wheat, floral hops, spice, banana bread and biscuit malt bring up the bottom end of an aroma offering good depth and balance. The mouth feel is smooth with medium carbonation and body. The flavour is typically German with soft wheat notes and spice upfront. Some grain in the mid-palate with a suggestion of tart lemons developing late are complimented by a subtle hint of banana to finish. Also a hint of biscuity malt thrown in for good measure. 5.3% ABV is spot on but the downside is it gets a little thin and watery, though on the upside if you’re looking at a decent session weizen look no further. Nothing spectacular but definitely a clean, sessional German drop. Decent, even more enjoyable to smash one of these between runs on Thredbo mountain.