Evil twin brewing ‘soft DK’ imperial stout


evilTwin_softDKIt’s interesting how these brewers have use the word ‘soft’ in a stout that looks to pack in nothing but the complete opposite! Weighing in at 10.4% ABV we’re certain there’s nothing soft about it.

Served in a beer tulip the jet black pour offers just the tiniest hint of transparency on the edges. Capping it off is a tight, 1/4 inch beige head that retains at about 2-3mm omitting healthy lace trails on the way down. Perfect winter stout this one, as the rich and moreish coffee, chocolate, roasted malts, alcohol, caramel and spice are balanced out by the delicious scent of creamy vanilla. Impressive depth shown in the aroma. Not as full as we were expecting in the mouth, but there is definitely a slightly creamy texture going on. Mildly carbonated. The palate is very similar to the aroma as it kicks off with a lovely roasted coffee bitterness but displaying balance with a much sweeter aspect, as opposed to the vanilla in the aroma. Chocolate and vanilla flavours open up through the mid while the bitter finish offers a potent alcohol burn on the rear palate. Length is OK but it could definitely be longer with some more robust roast. Absolute indulgence though. Our advice is grab one and see how you go, however, this isn’t for the faint-hearted.