Flying dog brewery ‘Raging Bitch’ Belgian-style IPA


image“Two inflammatory words….one wild drink. Nectar imprisoned in a bottle. Let it out. It is cruel to keep a wild animal locked up. Uncap it. Release it……stand back!! Wallow in its golden glow in a glass beneath a white foaming head. Remember, enjoying a RAGING BITCH, unleashed, untamed, unbridled – and in heat – is pure GONZO!!”

We’re only quite new to this brewery, the only other beers we have reviewed of theirs is the Atlantic lager and the doggy style pale ale which were both pretty good in their own right. To be honest it’s just so damn hard to go past a beer with brilliant art work. We served this in to an IPA glass. The deep golden appearance offers a slight copper hue when held against the light. Over the top sits a tightly packed one and a half finger head that slowly reduces to a firm layer that creates a good lace trail down the glass. Big, sweet and fruity perfumes invade the olfactory’s instantly. We get honey, pepper, eucalyptus, plum, orange sherbet, pot pourri, herbs and floral pine. A real mixed bag but there’s certainly a lot to like about this aroma. In the mouth it’s well rounded with an oily texture. Not overly sharp which is nice considering the ABV (8.3%). Carbonation levels are moderate with a medium weighted body. Upon entry a slight alcohol warmth blends well hints of herbal hops and candied lemon. A slight honey sweetness forms early on in the mid and carries through a suggestion of peppery spice as it’s lead to a dry, citric and essentially bitter finish. Solid length on display here too. Really good beer, really good balance between Belgian sweetness and American hop bitterness. Is it as good as the Clown Shoes muffin top? We’d have to say it isn’t, but it’s a damn fine brew though. We’re beginning to really like this brewery. Keep it up lads.