Great divide brewing co. ‘Colette’ Saison


imageFresh off the back of their last brew we reviewed (Yeti imperial stout) we decided to have a crack at the polar opposite and go for one of their much lighter beers and see how they compare.

Served in a beer tulip the cloudy but really bright straw-gold appearance is alive with highly active carbonation initially, settling to a few streams of fizz that rise up to the foamy 2 finger crown. Good head retention, eventually reducing and maintains at about 5-6mm with a heap of thick lacing being omitted. Super sweet on the nose, we’re detecting plenty of sour lemon, citrus rind, strawberry, banana lollies, bubble gum and clove upfront. A little musty and dry with a distinct barnyard aroma that mixes well with the savoury undertone of grains and wheat. Quite a firm acidity too, but that mellows out once the beer warms. There’s a fair bit happening here, slightly complex. In the mouth it’s smooth with a frothy texture. Medium carbonation. Pretty light on, making for a real session beer if it weren’t for a high ABV (7.3%) which by the way is well disguised by the acidity on the palate. Upfront we can taste an earthy and spicy mix of tart fruits, lemon, wheat and pear. A really dry and musty mid-palate with a hint of hay delivers a dry finish with a suggestion of spice and pear/apple on the back end. A little bit of warmth from the alcohol in the background ensures the duration on the tongue. So this brewery can brew a good dark beer and going from this Saison they can brew a damn fine light beer too. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for the next release from these guys. Solid stuff.