Hunter beer co. ‘naughty pants’ IPA


imageOn tap at Potter’s hotel in the Hunter Valley. The little brother of this breweries ‘cranky pants IPA’. Served in a shaker glass the slightly hazy golden pour produces a tight one finger head that retains well. Thick, webbed lacing is left clinging to the glass. The aroma is a touch subdued, what we could pick up consisted of citrus driven hops, malt, peach and passion fruit. Mild-medium carbonation with a soft, dry mouth feel. Flavour is pretty much a mirror image of the aroma. Quite subdued upfront with soft bitter hops and a citrus driven mid-palate. Subtle bitter citrus finish rounds off a pretty uninspiring IPA. 6.4% ABV adds a bit of body and liveliness but other than that its too thin and watery. More a pale ale than an IPA. We’ve had much better from these guys.