La Sirène Saison


imageThis is our first crack at this artisanal micro-brewery from Melbourne.

Served into a beer tulip the heavily cloudy orange pour whipped up a frenzy of white foam, about 4 fingers of fizzy white head which we had to let settle before pouring the other half of the bottle in. As you could imagine, there are tonnes of lace trails. Without even raising the glass to our noses we can pick up strong wafts of sour lemon. So funky, underneath the tart and musty aromas lie hints of orange, tang, ginger, vanilla, spice and barnyard. In the mouth it feels moussy with medium body. Highly carbonated, although the bubbles do settle down once the beer warms. Upfront, zesty sour lemon pairs well with a mildly assertive hop dryness. Some yeasty notes come through while the mid-palate offers earthy notes, peppery spice and a mild booze burn. The finish is again zesty and dry with an emphasis on sour lemon and funky brett. Good duration on the tongue. 6.5% ABV is spot on and works in unison with the brilliant flavour profile. Wow, this is really cool to see Aussie brewers brewing Saisons of this calibre. We’d have to say this is as good as any classic French Saison on the market. Not as good as the praline ale but still an excellent offering.