Left coast brewing co ‘Hop Juice’ DIPA


imageThis drop is from the lads at Left Coast , California. The description of this brew is that it uses 2-row and four other hop varieties, along with crystal malt. It then spends two weeks dry hopping.

Poured into a tulip glass, there is a typical copper/gold with a very small head that fades super quick. Virtually no lacing here. There is some carbonation in the glass. Quite a clear complexion this one also. First aroma is that of sweet malts, mild booze, strong resin, and some pine. First sip yields high bitterness on the palate but sweet caramel and booze covers the tongue, and lingers on it. Has a real syrup like essence to it. We get milder citrus fruit in the background, but really the dominance here is the malt and the intense bitterness. There is mild to moderate carbonation in the mouth. Only medium body. There is a big wall of lacing on parts of the glass. This drop sits at 9.4% but we can’t help but compare it to the 90 minute dogfish head or the Firestone DIPA and we are missing that finesse or chewiness to the body. This feels a tad watery in the mouth. We must admit though that it is very smooth, and the malt disguises the booze hit which is evidence of astute brewing. Look, we can’t be too harsh its a nice beer by the time we have sunk it. Just not excellent.